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Trumpet - Music College

This message was contributed by Angela on 27/10/04.
It was in reply to this message: Trumpet - Music College
posted by Matt M on 26/10/04.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your compliments! I personally think it's really important to pick a piece that will show off the best aspects of your playing. Yes, the Hindemith is a real blow, in fact it's a huge test on any trumpet players range and endurance ( those long fortissimo phrases are a killer!) but it's one of the best pieces in the trumpet repertoire. Is the Hindemith the only set piece or is there a syllabus for you to choose a piece from? If, you're not comfortable playing it or can't get through it without your chops packing in then perhaps you should choose something else. I agree with your teacher that making a good sound and playing musically is important, but at the same time the Hindemith is well within the acceptable range of the trumpet and if I were on the panel I'd expect you to be able to make a good sound at all ranges.

Good luck with it all and make sure you've left no stone unturned for the audition i.e. make sure your scales are fluent, your transposition is of a reasonable standard and your aural training is up to scatch. It's also important to have some sort of idea or game plan. When I auditioned for music college one of the question I was asked was, " where do you see yourself in four years time after you've graduated?" Make sure you can realistically answer this one, with the state of the music business at the moment there is a fine line between being ambitious and completely delusional!!!!!!

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