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Snorter - a tribute on his withdrawl!

This message was contributed by Rich on 22/8/04.

I always felt that bass clef players needed to stick together against the prima donna tendencies of those treble clef buggers. Simon Hogg, admittedly, occasionally left the bass clef for the tenor, alto or even treble, but I doubt if he ever enjoyed it up there. In the same way, Steve Roberts occasionally came down to the bass clef, but he just seemed to be taking the mick.

Sitting next to Mr Hogg made this bass clef sticking togetherness oh so easy. My first rehearsal with FABE (in 1987) (!old'~~7%git$39@!!!!) was marked by utter terror, frantic sightreading, a slightly forbidding atmosphere, and a little dapper bloke who was immediately and absolutely friendly and open. This was then, and remained, Snorter's chief personality trait. For a young snotty just out of college and wondering what the hell was going on, this was a fantastic help. I remember he took me round a tour of Warwick and Leamington beauty spots - a short tour, naturally, but as with everything I have ever known him do, kindly meant.
Whenever we went to Africa, he would say little but "Jambo" ("alright, mate?") for weeks on end, and his adventurous, some would say foolhardy (Culshaw did) forays into local cuisine only occasionally resulted in disaster. I need only to mention the MUSON Centre in Nigeria for him to know what I mean; we shared a room in that hellhole (well, it was in those days, I'm sure its wonderful now...). He was always up for a laugh, and a generally moderating influence on the occasional essential outsized personality that any musical group needs. And now Head of Brass - who better? And, weekly, it gets him away from Warwick Music's closet genuis and mastermind Grumpy Greenall for a bit, too. Excellent!

I should point out that he is NOT dead, despite the tone of the above - there is life after FABE, and I expect that Snorter will enjoy being a "ghost" when he comes back to play with them just as much as I have.

Incidentally, anyone see the FABE mention in the Gramophone Magazine for September? "Fine Arts Brass -dazzlng"? They got that right, anyway......

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