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Re: FABE faves

This message was contributed by chris ford on 22/7/04.
It was in reply to this message: FABE faves
posted by Simon Lenton on 20/7/04.

Sitting in my band rehearsal I chatted to the girl beside me about musical favourites, a few months back, and she laughed at my popular music tastes. She mentioned an artiste she liked, Souad Massi, who I'd never heard of. Some kind of Algerian folk singer, living in Paris, singing in Arabic and French. I ribbed her about her oddball tastes, but she lent me a tape so I could hear what I was joking about. It knocked me out - the singing was so pure and beautiful, the melodies so diferent from anything I'd heard before. So I borrowed a diferent CD from her, a different group, and found it to be terrible. Can't win them all, right.
So where is this story going? Well I guess I'd happily listen to my own favourites, at home or in concert, and come out fairly happy. But listening to Soad reminded me that it is great to hear new things, challenging things, strange, exotic music that my ears are not yet tuned in to. Sometimes I might want to reach for the earplugs, but those moments are worth putting up with for the special times when something unexpected makes you gasp, then sit in silence, wrapped up in the music that you've just discovered.
So this is why I said that the new piece was, for me, an important part of the programme. I can't say it won me over right away, because it did not, but I'd like to hear it again and get to know it better, and I will always be eager to hear other new pieces, new arrangements and new ideas.

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