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FABE faves

This message was contributed by Simon Lenton on 20/7/04.
It was in reply to this message: FABE faves
posted by Richard Sandland on 15/7/04.

Hmmn - tricky one this. So much of the music we do I really like - genuinely. I have the advantage of getting to know this stuff intimately though, rather than forming an opinion in just one hearing like the majority of the public who hear us in concert. As a performer, I find it difficult to enjoy making music if it's obvious that we've lost the audience along the way. To be fair, I don't think this has ever happened in any of our arrangements - only the new music. However, if I'm to be honest, I suppose its the playing of some of these arrangements that have been the most tedious for us to do over the years, combined with about playing about 5% of our new music. It's probably because we have to play these arrangement so often, where our new music tends to be on a rotor system. The thing is, you can't get away from the fact that Joe Public likes a tune, and particularly a tune that they have heard before. It is, after all, how 90% of people listen to music and at the end of the day 'music' is only ever entertainment. That said, I'm not going to put my head on the line here and say what I don't like, although I will admit to being a bit fed up of Handel at the moment. It's probably because I've played too much of it of late. It would be easy to say I don't like this or I don't like that in many ways, but the thing is I get downers on all sorts of music temporarily, and then a few days later I can' get enough of the stuff. To sum up, I'm going to fall back on the old cliche - 'familiarity breeds contempt'. That said, should we ever be accosted with a comment from the audience like ''why can't you play something we know'', I'll always remember Bill Ashton's (of NYJO fame) quip. He always shouts back ''why can't you know something we play!'' I think it's the perfect reply, don't you?


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