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This message was contributed by Simon Lenton on 7/3/04.
It was in reply to this message: Trumpet
posted by Alex Gilchrist on 6/3/04.

Hi Alex - when I was at college, this mouthpiece (the Bach 3c you mention) was the mouthpiece suggested by the teaching staff for the smaller trumpets like an Eb or D (even the Piccolo in some cases - i.e. If you've bigger lips). I actually think it's quite a good all round mouthpiece myself, but it does depend on what you're using it for and at what stage you're at with your playing. You don't mention what sort of music you play, but I'd have guessed it was probably classical - solo's and orchestral? It sounds as if you've outgrown the mouthpiece now and are ready to move to something bigger. If you like the rim of the 3 then it's probably a good idea to stick with it and get a straight Bach 3 or perhaps a straight Bach 2? The other alternative, if you like the feel of this rim is a Warburton mouthpiece. I've never played these so I wouldn't know what to advise. Either way, it does sound like you need to make yourself work a little harder by getting a bigger one. When you've adjusted to the change, you should start to see an improvement in your sound (as long as you use more air to fill it). It's part of the pay off I'm afraid - a small mouthpiece will help with the range, but at the expense of the sound and vice verse. Best of luck whatever you decide to do and let's hope we come to Aberystywth soon to play to you all.

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